Analysis Of The Movie ' Copycat '

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Analysis of Copycat (1995)
In the movie “Copycat” from 1995 there is a character named Helen Hudson (Sigourney Weaver) who is a psychiatrist that studies the behavior of serial killers. At the beginning of the film she is giving a lecture at the University of San Francisco and at the end of the lecture, Daryll Lee Cullum (Harry Connick, Jr.) follows Helen into the restroom and tries to hang her, but fails and gets locked up in prison. Thirteen months later, Helen suffers from panic attacks and agoraphobia which have resulted from her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She has been housebound for months now and has a homosexual assistant named Andy (John Rothman). Darryl Lee is in contact with William McNamara, another psychopath who wants to follow in Darryl Lee’s footsteps and become famous. So Darryl Lee tells William to continue his work of killing Helen.
He does this by copying other serial killer signatures such as John Wayne Gacy, the Boston strangler, and Son of Sam etc. Three murders have occurred and Helen notices through newspapers that each murder seems to be done by one person. Therefore, she calls the police to leave an anonymous tip and they mock her and brush her off as a prank call. However, Officer M.J. Monaham (Holly Hunter) becomes curious and starts to think that Helen would be able to add to the investigation.
So she obtains the case files and wants to get Helen’s opinion on the case. At first Helen is reluctant to help because as M.J. Monaham starts to…
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