Analysis Of The Movie ' D I V O R B N E

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Roseanne uses her television series to show how women really were like in the 1980s. They were pretty much in control of the family and relationship. They rejected all stereotypes of the man being the king of the house. The women had the power and authority to back them up. In another episode titled “D-I-V-O-R-C-E” Roseanne tries to convince her husband Dan to go on a romantic dinner. She goes out of her way to convince Dan to suit up with a tie and go out to dinner with her. In the episode Roseanne is seen being the romantic one and wanting to dance with her husband. She tells him sweet things and makes sarcastic jokes about getting divorced. It is not till the end that we can see Dan take her to dance because that is all she wanted. She wanted to dance with Dan because it has been a long time since they went out. In the episodes Roseanne uses her character traits to help change the representation of women on the television screen. Roseanne uses a lot of sarcastic jokes to explain what she wants. Roseanne helped push for woman’s acting and allowed many women to pitch their own show or be the main character. Andrea Press compares the ways in which the American working-class receive television entertainment differently than do middle-class women. She argues that many hegemonic values are present in television programming; they reach women of different social classes in class-specific ways. For Lucy her character had a different connection with the viewer. Many women during

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