Analysis Of The Movie Dear Zachary

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This review was very structured and it contained all the components of a well-written analysis of the movie Dear Zachary. The author Scott Mendelson, a film critic from Valley Scene Magazine, introduced the movie in subtle words and not gave anything away for people who did not watch it. Mendelson mentioned each character and morphed into talking about the general storyline. He described the storyline that consists of both the negative and positive sides. He weighed in between the two and gave plenty of evidence for the two sides that backed up his claim about how the film was portrayed. Mendelson freely gave his opinion that the film was slightly off in the way Kuenne made the objective documentary flat and emotionless in terms of…show more content…
He just used bunch of descriptive words to explain what he felt when he watched it, which is not enough. His critiquing style was different than Mendelson’s because he used his critique to praise the film. He said that the film gave off “home-movie feel”, but stated that is what made this documentary relatable and come out as a stirring tribute to a gone friend. I agreed with that and think that Kurt Kuenne went through hell of a time setting up interviews with close friends/relatives/parents of Andrew Bagby. His efforts undermined the not-so-good production and emphasized the fact that pathos of the storyline could override how the film was made. Toward the end of his review, Roston advised the audiences to go watch this film and quoted that Kuenne deserves a lot of credit for having the heart and endurance to get this film made. I would give this review a grade of C because while it did point to interesting perspective of looking at Dear Zachary, it did not do a good job describing and going into details about the claims made.

This review written by Brian Orndorf had many insights about the story and the production itself. It had the most depth and details supporting the claim than the other two reviews. He first started off by introducing the general synopsis of the movie and its director Kuenne. What was different about this review was that it
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