Analysis Of The Movie ' Dope '

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I recently watched the Netflix movie, Dope, a coming-of-age movie that doubles as a parody and a dedication to the 1990s-vintage ghetto generation. Malcolm and his friends Jib and Diggy are nerdy high school seniors who bond over anything ‘90s related, play music together in their punk band, and have grown up together in “The Bottoms,” in Inglewood, California. Malcolm was trying to escape a gang one day when he had an encounter with a neighborhood drug dealer named Dom. Dom ended up invited him to his birthday party, and with hesitation, Malcolm and his friends decide to go. After an eventful night, Malcolm and his friends later discover that Dom had stashed a handgun and a large amount of drugs in his backpack to hide it from the police who raided the party. The rest of the movie plays out into a war over the drugs that Malcolm accidentally possessed. Malcolm ends up selling the drugs and promises Dom’s prominent supplier, who was also coincidentally Malcolm’s college interviewer, the profits made from the drugs. Malcolm makes this deal with him only as long as he helps Malcolm achieve his goal of getting into Harvard. Malcolm ends up setting up the supplier with the police while still getting into Harvard and finally being able to get out of the hood. In terms of black masculinity, Malcolm counteracts the hyper-aggressive stereotypes that some have in their head about young African-American men. In the movie Dope, numerous aspects of intersectionality are represented in
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