Analysis Of The Movie ' Eclipsed '

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What if everyone was made to pay for their wrongdoings at every instance? Well, if that were to be the case, no one would be free from judgment because everyone makes mistakes. In “Eclipsed”, Brogan brings to light the pretentious acts of so-called holier-than-thou people. She tells a story about the struggles of women in a society that treated them as evil, bringing to light the fact that everyone in this world needs to re-evaluate their moral standings. One of the main characters, Cathy comes back from a failed escape attempt. The rest of the women are not that surprised. It was as if they had given up knowing that they would be caught. But Cathy has been relentless in risking it all just to escape. Hence, this represents her desperation to be free from that prison-like Magdalen Laundry. These women were once free, but have had their humanity stripped from them all in the name of judgement for their sins. But who gave people the right to place judgment on others in such a dehumanizing way? “Spare the rod and spoil the child”, but first one has to take out the log in one’s eye before thinking about the speck in their brother’s. Brogan succeeds in showing the fact that these women were human, and still had human feelings, desires and actions. But they were being condemned due to their diversion from the societal norm in one aspect of their lives. Interpersonal relations was like a taboo in the Magdalen Laundry. Mother Victoria states, “Give these letters out at tea-break,
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