Analysis Of The Movie ' Empire Falls ' By Richard Russo

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Empire Falls, written by Richard Russo, encompasses several concepts of the American identity and what it means to be an American. Russo focuses on the small town life in New England, illustrating a compelling story while narrating the lives of several different characters. While these characters seem to be different at the surface, they actually share several similarities. The characters of Empire Falls share the same outlook of life. Despite the American freedom they have, they will typically follow the path of life that they were born into and never question why. Overall, Empire Falls is a town of acceptance, accepting ones place in society as it is. The citizens of Empire Falls do not question their path of life and simply accept the basic truth of their lives. This speaks volumes for our country. Are we a country that will simply accept our set path of life? Or rather fight for what we believe in, despite the negative connotations it may bring. Through extensive analysis of the protagonist Miles Roby and other important characters in the novel, we will begin to what it means to be an American through a different perspective.
Miles Roby works at the restaurant, Empire Grill, spending his days flipping burgers and counting change. He is the epitome of the Cognitive Dissonance Theory. Cognitive Dissonance is used to describe people who are having a conflict between their personal beliefs and own reality. For example, Miles is in a dead-end job in a dying town. He knows

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