Analysis Of The Movie ' Exclaimed Shaan '

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TITLE BEEEEEEP!!!!!! SCREECH! HONK! These common sounds were heard throughout the bustling metropolis of Dhaka, Bangladesh, home to Shaan Rahman, a young and honest man. He was on his way back home after a long day at Dhaka University where he studies. “Aree bhai!” exclaimed Shaan to his driver. “Couldn’t you have taken a less crowded road?” Shaan became restless as the traffic kept building. The cars moved like a sloth moving across the forest floor. Many hours passed as Shaan and his driver trudged through the very populous city. Finally, Shaan reached home. Shaan’s jaw dropped when he saw what was covering his house as he got out of the vehicle. Strings of glistening and flickering lights created a jungle of vines crawling up the…show more content…
Shaking with fear and lost in the negative thoughts racing through his head, Shaan just collapsed on his large, plush bed. “How in the world did they think I was ready for a marriage?!” murmured Shaan to himself. “That’s too big of a commitment for a kid my age! Sometimes I feel my parents don’t care about what I think is right but rather what they think is right.” Shaan slept on it instead of staying up all night thinking. After all, he did have a long day. The next day, Shaan woke up still thinking about what his parents told him last night. He still couldn’t put his finger on it as to why they would bring up such a serious topic so abruptly. They had never done that to him before. Something seemed a bit off. Suddenly his mother ran upstairs into his room and yelled, “ TUMI KI KORTHESO?! TUMI KI JANO NA AJKE KI?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT DAY IT IS TODAY!?”
“Uh-um- Monday?” sputtered Shaan trying to sound innocent. Mother gave a blank stare. The look on his mother’s face gave him the feeling that he had just been shot by an arrow.
“No son, it’s not Monday,” retorted his mother sternly. “Today, you are going to meet your bride to be. Her name is Farida, and she will be here any minute. So I expect you to wear your best clothes and come downstairs immediately!” After that, she went downstairs. With not a moment to lose, Shaan slipped into his best punjabi, a traditional Bengali
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