Analysis Of The Movie ' Fall Scene '

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Kayana Waller Fall Scene Reflection Fund. of Directing Since I was the first shoot of the semester, Pre-production was a rushed process. Some ideas that I had initially wanted were abandoned just because of the lack of time or resources. However, I think this was a helpful to my shoot. When preparing the shot list, script, and lighting set-up, I planned minimalistically. When on set, my D.P and I added on to the plan, instead of coming into the shoot overly ambitious. Also, we as a crew delegated tasks based on our strengths to make the shoot easier. Connor, the D.P., took notes from me, and composed his own shot list, which I complete approved of. This is the case with my production designer, Collin. On the set, delegating really helped us conserve time the most. Also, this allowed everyone to do their own thing, which also kept energy and positivity high. Since it was such short notice, the actors and I came to a compromise about over the dialogue. Other than extremely significant lines, about half of the dialogue was paraphrased. This benefited both the time constraint, and their ability to focus more on their relationship to each other in the scene, as opposed to perfect quotation. The communication amongst the crew rather easy. Our pre-production meeting was brief because we quickly discuss what our goal was for the scene and what our delegated tasks were. In times of conflicting ideas, we quickly compromised or respectful turned them down. Subsequently, it was a
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