Analysis Of The Movie ' Fire Escape '

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1. 75% of the 2.7 trillion dollars we spend on healthcare in this country is spent on treating diseases that are largely preventable, such as heart disease and diabetes. Why do you think this is happening? What can be done to change this statistic? The movie fire escape emphasizes that America has the most expensive health care system in the world but is not one of the best in regards to healthcare outcomes and life expectancy. It spends more than what the whole world all together spends on pharmaceutical industry. 75% of the 2.7 trillion dollars were spent on treating preventable diseases which indicate that US health care is more focused towards disease management than prevention. The movie makes a point that there are frequent readmissions and 80% of health care budget goes towards these 20% patients who are frequently readmitted to the hospital due to an existing chronic condition. Health care professionals are paid on the basis of number of procedures carried out on the patient rather than their health outcome. So the focus is not on curing the disease by eliminating the risk factors but merely managing the disease and looking for quick fixes. That is how patients want it too. They want to be cured right away with a pill or surgery but are not really interested in learning the long term solutions and preventative measures. The movie Escape fire not only emphasized the areas of improvement for patients, health care providers and the reimbursement system but also
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