Analysis Of The Movie ' Fort Sherman '

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Fort Sherman was located on Toro Point directly opposite of Colon, Panama. It used to be the home of the Jungle Warfare Center for the United States Army; the base was turned over to the Panamanian government in 1999. The SEAL team had found a comfortable spot in the jungle right above the old fort that gave them a spanning view of everything happening below. There was a lot of activity, the Soldier civilians were rebuilding or trying to what was left of the old Fort Sherman upper and lower portions. It looked more like make work to the SEALs, keep the people busy, pay them reasonable well and they won’t rise up and overthrow you. General Baker looked to be a busy man, the United States Army looked to be alive and well, assuming of course they still considered themselves Soldiers of the US Army. Lieutenant Anderson, the team OIC had a difficult decision to make, did he attempt contact with the General or not. He needed to find out the General intentions, the problem was, if the intentions were nefarious then he and his men might never be seen again. The Lieutenant discussed it with the rest of the team, more of a democratic process, because all of their asses were hanging out, it’s not like they could call for an extraction. They had decided to send the Chief and Perez back out and have them make contact with the General. If the shit hit the fan the rest of the team would hopefully be able to infiltrate the area and free the two men. That was the current plan.

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