Analysis Of The Movie ' Gangnam Style ' A K Pop Single By Korean Musician Psy

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Gangnam Style, a K-pop single by Korean musician Psy was released in July 2012 and became an instant sensation all across the world. The popularity of this song and dance went viral, however, there is an prominent issue with the stereotype of asian males. Gangnam style is a a great example and representation on the emphasis of how established stereotypes of Asian males remain and continue in the media, particularly in Western media. In a personal opinion, Gangnam Style is such a success due to its Asian stereotype that is depicted as being fascinating and almost comical. The song has little English words and many people in the world do not understand a single word of the lyrics, let alone the meaning of it. The reason I picked this topic is because it’s safe to say that almost everyone in the world knows, or has heard of this song and I don’t understand why, and I can only come to conclude that it is due to this racist, yet evolving stereotype of the Asian male represented in its music video. Gangnam style isn’t just another well-known song, to me, the music video is a little offensive and makes me wonder if people actually realize how unpleasant and discriminating the music video is. This topic may be extremely different from my previous topic choices such as Tiger moms, but as the days went by, I was concerned and felt more and more repulsiveness to how this particular song managed to achieve such success in the global market and mainstream popularity within the entire

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