Analysis Of The Movie Get Out

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The film “Get Out” written and directed by Jordan Peele is a thriller that consistently produces meanings about race and challenges the viewer to ponder upon those meanings. The racial meanings and ideas are portrayed most recognizably through current social issues and common stereotypes associated with black men in the United States. Throughout the whole film, the audience is in close connection with the main character and protagonist Chris, wonderfully played by Daniel Kaluuya, an African American man who took on the challenge of acting in a new genre of film for him. The film does a tremendous job of touching on the sensitive subject of race while providing a new perspective on a familiar issue. This new perspective enables the viewer to connect and relate more closely to Chris, and at the very least challenge our way of thinking and perception of the issue of race. During the film, there are some very blatant instances of racial meaning and ideas. From the very beginning of the film, a fairly current racial issue is addressed. We see a black man named Andre walking through a suburban neighborhood when all of a sudden he gets an uncomfortable, concerning feeling about walking alone and the mysterious car that slowly passes him and stops. He says to himself “not today—not me” right before he is all of a sudden attacked and taken into the car. Though this film is a fictional horror, much of the film is a horror that many black men and women experience on a daily basis:
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