Analysis Of The Movie ' Gone Girl No One Should Criticize Her '

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Rosamund Pike said, “When the eyes are on you for the first time, you can 't believe that people aren 't criticizing you,” and after her fantastic acting performance as Amy Dunne in Gone Girl no one should criticize her. Gone Girl is full of brilliant acting by many of the characters, but the actress that stood out the most to me was Rosamund Pike as Amy Dunne. The theme of the movie is that everyone has to conform to some stereotype deemed “okay” by society in order to be liked. We all have to put on a face and act to be someone we are not, and Rosamund Pike as Amy Dunne portrays this beautifully. She is always acting, acting like the cool girl, acting like the victim but underneath it she is someone very different; she is not a female stereotype deemed fit by society but a psychopath. She therefore creates a multidimensional character with many layers.
The first time the audience sees Amy Dunne she is playing the ultimate cool girl. Nick introduces himself to her at a party and she creates an image of a sexy, mysterious, carefree girl. She has her hair in an effortless ponytail with stray pieces cascading down her face, which reflects her personality: laid back and sexy without trying to hard. When they first meet she is witty and casual, performing the ultimate cool girl stereotype perfectly. As Nick and Amy’s relationship progresses the audience sees more and more of this; she literally embodies the perfect woman. But when she becomes her “real” self, it shows

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