Analysis Of The Movie ' Hope Springs '

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The movie that is being reviewed is titled Hope Springs. It came out in 2012 and stars Tommy Lee Jones, Meryl Streep and Steve Carell. Kay and Arnold is a couple who has been married thirty-one years, have two adult children and sleep in separate rooms. Kay realizes that they have lost that spark or intimacy in their marriage. Kay goes to a bookstore to try to find a book to get help and finds that they author of the book who is a couples therapist hosts a week long marriage therapy session in Hope Springs Maine so she takes the lead and makes the reservations, when Kay tells Arnold of this he does not want any part of it as he does not see a problem in the marriage. She lets him know that she will go with or without him. In the end he decided to go and boards the plane. When they arrive for their first session, Kay is willing to open up and talk about the problems she is seeing the marriage and Arnold just grunts and disagrees. As the therapist gets Kay to open up about the issues, Arnold is being stubborn but soon comes to realize that he is going to have to make some changes in order for his marriage to last, there is no doubt that he loves Kay but he has to find a way to reconnect with her and get back the spark that they once had. As the sessions progress along Arnold is showing that he is trying and that he is listening to his wife and doing his best to fulfil her needs rather than to make her feel rejected. As the sessions moved along, the spark started to return
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