Analysis Of The Movie ' I Have Just Watched Citizen Kane ' Essay

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Hello, I have just watched Citizen Kane. I did not particularly like this movie, however, I would recommend that anyone who is an old movies buff should see it. The movie was produced by Orson Welles, who also played one of the main characters. Orson Welles played the role of Charles Foster Kane. Kane’s friend, Jedediah Leland was played by Joseph Cotten. Charles’s second wife, Susan Alexander Kane, was played by Dorothy Comingore. Walter Thatcher, Kane’s guardian after his mother came into some money, was played by George Coul. And last but not least, Jerry Thompson, played by William Alland, the reporter who went around to interview Kane’s former friends and employees in an attempt to unveil who, or what, Rosebud was.
Citizen Kane is about a man by the name Charles Foster Kane. Mr. Kane was a famous and once-influential newspaper publisher. The movie starts with a newsreel depicting a lengthy obituary with an overview of Kane’s colorful life and career and introduced some of the more important people and events that occurred in Kane’s life. The producer of the newsreel told the reporters that he was not happy with the film because it merely recounted Kane’s life, instead of revealing who Kane truly was. The producer noted that Kane’s last word was “Rosebud” and wondered if that may hold the key to Kane’s character. He decided to stall the newsreel release and sent a reporter, Jerry Thompson, to talk to Kane’s former associates to try to uncover the identity of Rosebud.

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