Analysis Of The Movie ' I Stand Here Ironing '

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The Blame Game

In Tillie Olsens “I Stand Here Ironing” the mother daughter relationship is not what some would call adoring. Emily seems to have many complications in her life as a result of her mother being naïve in parenthood. Both Emily and her mom seem to always have some sort of stress involved when it comes to their mother-daughter bonding. Emily’s mother always tried to do what she thought was best for her children, especially Emily. Although Emily’s mother made sacrifices to meet Emily’s financial needs as a dependent, somewhere she failed at nurturing Emily. Therefore: she stands ironing as if she’s smoothing out their history trying to understand just where she went wrong in Emily’s life.
As a first time mom it’s hard to know exactly what to do after hearing your child scream for minutes on. Emily’s mom tries to comfort her but it fails, “when she saw me she’d break into a clogged weeping that could not be comforted, a cry I can hear yet” ( 559). In this statement its clear to me that Emily’s mother has problem nurturing her. A child typically finds comfort in a mothers touch and will eventually stop crying. The fact that Emily’s mother could not console her in these times leads me to believe it grew into a bigger problem the older Emily became. Being a working mom is not always easy but mothers manage long hours, less sleep to provide a better life for their children. Even though Emily’s mother found a way to provide for her their relationship was tested when

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