Analysis Of The Movie ' Inside Out '

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Inside Out is the story of a young girl, Riley, who is forced to work through her emotions when she leaves her old life in Minnesota for a new start in San Francisco. Riley 's Emotions are portrayed as little people inside her head and there are five of them: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. Three theories that have been discussed in class and that are present in the movie Inside Out are the Memory Consolidation theory, Wish-Fulfillment theory, and the Creativity theory. Another theory, that was not talked about in class, but is present in the movie is the Cognitive Appraisal theory. A more suitable theory for inclusion in the movie would have been the James-Lange theory of emotion. This theory would have helped clear up some of Riley’s more confusing memories showing emotion. Memory Consolation is a sleep theory. According to this theory, sleep helps restore and rebuild one’s fading memories from the day. In the film, Inside Out, the moment Riley shuts her eyes symbolizes that she is asleep, and her memories from the day start to move down a line. Her memories are being sent to long term memory where they fly across the sky like shooting stars as they go to different places in her memory. In reality, Memory Consolidation is the process whereby a memory that has been in short term memory for about fifteen to thirty seconds is then sent to long term memory through the rapid firing of neurons. In order for memories to remain in long term memory they must have
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