Analysis Of The Movie ' Judge Dredd '

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Judge Dredd, also known as Joseph Dredd, is a fictional character who first appeared in British comic books in the 1970’s. Dredd is referred to as the “father of justice” and is the most feared, respected, and widely known of all the judges. His duty is to arrest, convict, sentence and execute criminals. In 1995, with a budget of 70 million dollars, the first adaptation of Judge Dredd was created and directed by Danny Cannon, starring Sylvester Stallone. According to Francisco Gonzalez and his blog, Stallone’s character (“completely embraces the word of the law”). In the 1995 movie, the main themes intertwine with a corrupt judicial system, cops, and government. However, the new 2012 revision of Judge Dredd, named Dredd, was directed by Pete Travis, starring Karl Urban. The 2012 rendition deals with similar and different themes from the 1995 film, but takes place in a completely different setting, and also has a different plot and different characters. As Francisco states from his blog, (“Dredd 3D offers an extremely enjoyable action ride and, for some, might even stand as one of Hollywood 's most entertaining comic book adaptations”). With only 50 million dollars spent on Dredd, its main attraction was being in 3D. In the 1995 adaptation of Judge Dredd, the setting is somewhere in the third millennium and depicts the Earth as an uninhabitable wasteland. The majority of humanity lives in huge mega-cities where the normal justice system is replaced by a force of Judges

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