Analysis Of The Movie ' Julius Caesar '

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Adam Case
Reagan Smith
Greek/Roman Humanities
“Julius Caesar”
The movie “Julius Caesar” draws inspiration from one of the shortest plays produced by William Shakespeare. It took place in Ancient Rome and is full of rhetoric and fast action. The movie happens during a time that the empire endures great suffering from the existing division between the citizens. From the movie, people are in fear that Caesar’s power would result in the Roman citizens being enslaved and as a result, Caesar is assassinated.
In the first scene, a cobbler and a carpenter represent the commoners. Even though the carpenter has only one line in the movie, he draws an interesting function. The carpenter is a woodworker who specializes is making houses and ship frames. During the medieval period, the guild of the carpenters resulted to Corpus Christi plays and the processions. This kind of appearance gives an indication of the movie being dramatic. The cobbler, on the other hand, is a shoemaker and has a majority of the commoner’s lines in the first scene (Grant, 1969).
In the first scene, the movie brings to picture Flavius and Murellus, Roman tribunes who indicate a lot of Roman nobility. They show detest for tyranny and as well have no respect for the common people. Murelllus, for example, indicates that the common people are unreliable and unthinking. They indicate that they are fickle when they find them protesting in the streets in celebration of Caesar while they are expected to be…
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