Analysis Of The Movie ' Kane Monroe '

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KANE MONROE presents with a very intriguing blend of story types. It blends an old fashion western revenge story with fantasy and action. The goal is clear and the stakes are high. It’s a story that easily engages. The audience effortlessly roots for Kane Monroe.
The setting feels authentic to the time period and to the culture. The characters are likable and seem to be castable, especially Kane. The action sequences are nicely crafted.
The script offers a three-act structure. The first act establishes that Kane has visions of past lives, but in all his lives he encounters one villain. The inciting event is when he sees a wanted poster that looks like his nemesis. He leaves home on a determined quest that propels the story forward. The script, for the most part, feels goal focused. The third act provides a hero vs. foe climax. There’s also a love story that supports the main plot.
While the idea of blending an old fashioned western with a fantasy or supernatural story feels refreshing and original, it’s also a bit confusing and doesn’t fully deliver. There are scenes that require more clarification and the ending is a bit long.
First, the script opens establishing both the Old West and the fantasy world. The flashback is a bit-jarring going from the old west to 1200 AD. It’s not clear if the audience will understand the jump from 1200 to 1248.
As the storyline progresses, the fantasy elements, unfortunately don’t feel as if they fit with the old west as smoothly as…
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