Analysis Of The Movie ' Kane Monroe '

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KANE MONROE presents with a very intriguing blend of story types. It blends an old fashion western revenge story with fantasy and action. The goal is clear and the stakes are high. It’s a story that easily engages. The audience effortlessly roots for Kane Monroe. The setting feels authentic to the time period and to the culture. The characters are likable and seem to be castable, especially Kane. The action sequences are nicely crafted. The script offers a three-act structure. The first act establishes that Kane has visions of past lives, but in all his lives he encounters one villain. The inciting event is when he sees a wanted poster that looks like his nemesis. He leaves home on a determined quest that propels the story forward. The…show more content…
Perhaps it’s because there isn’t one consistent backstory regarding William that the audience can follow. If the past lives element is important, the story might work more appropriately if the fantasy element were more developed and one could fully understand the love story and the rival between William and Luther. Instead of the idea that Kane has lived multiple past lives, perhaps consider the idea that he has just lived one. In fact, the script doesn’t really show his other lives in detail. There’s a vision of being a Japanese Samurai, but it’s very short lived and no real story is developed and Luther/Moss isn’t in that fantasy. Thus, the rules of the world need to be clarified. The audience is told he lives other lives, but with one consistent nemesis, but the story doesn’t follow through on this. The other alternative is to just create an old-fashioned western revenge story, but to make it more unique by having Kane trained in the art of martial arts and sword fighting (similar to Kung Fu TV series). There are features of the script not well understood and would benefit from more development. The sequences involving Lillian are a bit confusing. Is she working with Moss? Why were the bandits after Kane? What might not be clear is if Moss has ordered his men to find Kane and/or when Moss realizes Kane is on his trail. This should be clarified. The other area of the script that becomes perplexing is Traveling Bear and Running Flower. When they are
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