Analysis Of The Movie ' King 's Landing '

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King’s Landing Aviva stood on her balcony which she watched the busyness of King 's Landing. She took a deep breath of the dust of the city as she closed her eyes in imagination. If only I wasn 't Aviva Waters, I would be among with them. Imagine all the freedom I 'd receive. "Aviva Waters! How many times I told you not go to the balcony," said Aviva 's mother, Queen Regent Cersei. Aviva didn 't even bother to argue with her mother as she knew she is a disappointment in her mother 's eyes. "Doesn 't matter now. Come and sit down. I have something important to tell you." Aviva followed her mother back into her room. She sat down across her mother. There was a silence. Cersei just stared at her then stirred in the chair which Aviva knew it 's not good news. It was never a good news whenever her mother wishes to speak her in private. "Mmm. Aviva. My poor and unlucky bastard." Aviva rolled her eyes as she was annoyed with her mother, "I don 't have time to sit here all day. Cut to point." "Aviva Waters! This is no way a lady to speak to your Mother. You better to keep your mouth shut if I am to marry you to Saelyr Pyke." "You 're marrying me to another bastard." choked Aviva as she learned the fact that she will never gain the power of respect from the people. "It 's either Pyke Bastard or a bastard nun, take your pick." said Cersei sharply. Aviva nodded in understanding. Maybe she will finally escape her mother 's stronghold and gain more independence in Pyke.

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