Analysis Of The Movie ' Lara '

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Lara is one of the many character where we see take control of her life with is rare for a woman to do so in the 19th century. Throughout the movie, we see that Lara is loved by many which affects her decisions in her life. A character that drives her away from her home town, Moscow, is Victor Komaravsky. He is a wealthy man who falls in love with Lara and she is not comfortable with the fact they they are sleeping together. In order to escape this misery, she decides to marry Pasha Antipov who is also in love with her. After they are married he takes her to a city away from Moscow. A couple of years later, she finds Yuri Zhivago, who ends up being the love of her life, but due to the fact they they are both married, they can’t be together. Love is one of the main themes is this movie, and we can see that love can affect ones decisions in life and also cause a commotion. The movie also takes place during the Russian Revolution and shows the audience scene of how corrupt Russian got before, during, and after the war. Life was very difficult for many people during all three periods of the war. There was a lot of poverty and there could be many families living in one household. Many people at the time wanted to live a normal and happy life, so lies were told to create a “happy and normal” life. This shows the audience that living in this period caused a lot worries and also showed that their society was so corrupted to the point where lies were being told to contain
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