Analysis Of The Movie ' Laramie '

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Laramie, WY, is a trivial town that became infamous within a few hours in the fall of 1998, when Matthew Shepard, a homosexual college scholar, was spotted tied to a fence after being ferociously whipped and left to die, prompting a countrywide debate about crime, hate, and homophobia. 30 days after the incident, Moses Kaufman, a director and writer with the New York City theater group the Tectonic Theater Project, shifted to Laramie to prepare for an upcoming production. (Teman, 2016). The Laramie Project is in many cases referred to as docudrama, a play that is highly based on real facts. To such a point, the play comprises all work of nonfiction. Although the major elements of the play are founded on actual occurrences with their own inherent drama, the author’s talents as a scriptwriter were applied to improve the mutual impact of the events and therefore create a free flowing play.
The Fireside
The indifference to existence has affected many gay students on college campus to date. Cast member Alex Garip, a gay student was drawn to the play to get the message out because she feels personally ill-treated. She remarks that she feels uncomfortable and safe on campus because of her sexuality. She says “I have been verbally attacked by men, calling me slurs and saying inappropriate and sexual things to me. I have mostly just had problems with the straight males on campus because they look at me as some girl-sex-machine and completely erase me as a human being containing any…
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