Analysis Of The Movie ' Legally Blonde '

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Critique of “Legally Blonde” “Legally Blonde” is a wonderful musical because the colorful scenes gives audience a visual enjoyment, and the beautiful music gives them a fresh acoustic experience. “Legally Blonde” is presented by Performance Riverside and RCC Fine & Performing Arts. It is directed and choreographed by Roger Castellano, and the musical director is Dennis Castellano. I went to watch this great show, which was performed at RCC’s Landis Performing Arts Center, on September 27,2014 at 2 p.m. I would like to comment on this musical in three ways: the plot, the design, and the acting. First of all, audience is attracted by the excellent plot when watching this musical. Elle Woods, who is the chairperson of the Sister Institute, is very popular among her friends. She thought her boyfriend Warner planed to propose to her; however, Warner decides to break up with her due to her “blonde.” At that point, Elle makes up her mind to study in Law School of Harvard in order to revive their relationship. Elle passes the assessment of Harvard successful with the help of her friends and because of her hard working. However surprised Elle Harvard study life is very dull, and Warner has made up with his ex-girlfriend. At the beginning of Elle’s study at Harvard, she is often sneered at by her classmates, especially Warner’s girlfriend Vivian, and the professor has kicked her out of the classroom. Since Elle chooses her occupation as a lawyer, she becomes energetic, hardworking
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