Analysis Of The Movie ' Lego '

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Lego is a billion dollar company providing toys to children all over the world and is a source of fun for families everywhere. However a recent form of Legos takes the place of an anti-Nazi and Holocaust lecture. The Lego Movie was released in February 2014 and achieved a rating of 96% from Rotten Tomatoes. The movie was an instant hit, with 6 major awards and 11 nominations. However, in the movie there are silent messages being sent to kids about how bad the Holocaust can be. The connections between the historic event and the movie are featured throughout the film. The Lego movie is about an average man named Emmet, who lives in an utopian society ruled by a leader called, President Business. After working at a construction site, Emmet finds the Peace of Resistance, an item said to be able to stop a weapon called the Kragle. He learns that President Business plans on using the Kragle to destroy the world on a day he calls “Tako Tuesday”, and that only the “Special” can defeat him. With a girl named Wyldstyle, Emmet teams up with Master Builders to stop President Business from using the “Kragle” to destroy the world. While he is doing this he helps himself and others to learn what it means to be special. President Business represents the German dictator, Adolf Hitler. Both of the men are antagonists who tried to create their perfect worlds through the emphasis of nationalism. Like Hitler, President Business won his title and position of power through
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