Analysis Of The Movie ' Life Of Pi '

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Fictional stories create fascinating new worlds where what we believe to be to be true doesn’t apply. They go beyond the real world to tell of a tale that applies in some way to the factual world. Hidden beneath the fiction is the truth of the factual just presented in a different way. A way that expresses more emotions, ideas, and views than can be expressed with non-fictional truth. The film Life of Pi presents a perfect example of two stories, one fiction and the other non-fiction. Both versions start and end in the same way, a boy lost at sea after a ship wreck survives for many days out on sea and makes it out alive. The difference in the stories is what happened in events following the ship’s sinking to his rescue. Pi, the main character in this film, first tells the fictional story of how he survived and the events he witnessed. He talks about how he was stuck on a life boat with an orangutan, a zebra, a Hyena, and a Tiger Named Richard Parker. At the end of the film the real version is revealed and each animal can be replaced with a human. It turns out each animal can be seen as a symbol for each of the persons it represents. Using the fictional story helped Pi show more about what he endured during this traumatic event then what could have been shown through the non-fictional story. Through the symbolism the viewer is able to capture the entire event as Pi witnessed it in his mind. Although not being real fiction has a potential to reveal the truth in a better way
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