Analysis Of The Movie ' Lincoln '

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Lincoln Alyssa Allison 26 December 2015 The film, Lincoln, opens with the Battle of Jenkins Ferry at the Washington Navy Yard. In the next scene, it is a dark and rainy night. Two black soldiers converse with Abraham when two white soldiers join them and start talking about the Gettysburg Address. In the following scene Lincoln and his wife, Mary, are in their bedroom, talking about the probability of the abolishment of slavery, in the push for the Thirteenth Amendment. After giving a short speech, Lincoln and his Secretary of State, Seward, discuss the Thirteenth Amendment. There conversation continues as they reach the White House. Then Mr. and Mrs. Jolly from Missouri enter, and Seward uses them to italicize a point regarding the Thirteenth Amendment. Later that evening, Lincoln discusses with Preston Blair the chance of having a peace negotiation with Richmond and the Thirteenth Amendment. During a cabinet meeting, the discussion included the previous attack on Fort Fisher. After a bit of conversation on the attack, the conversation turned to a discussion about the suggested Thirteenth Amendment. The discussion was composed of numerous protestations from the Secretary of Interior. Later in the afternoon, following the heated discussion that morning, Lincoln, Congressman Ashley, and Seward try to arrange plans to have the Thirteenth Amendment brought up for a fresh vote. To Lincoln’s surprise, Ashley completely opposed the idea,
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