Analysis Of The Movie ' Lincoln '

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Actually, Steven Spielberg’s film named “Lincoln” starts during the time of the Civil War, when President Abraham Lincoln was requiring this war’s end. From the initial scene the cruelty of the war is clearly shown, mostly against African American soldiers. In fact, racial discrimination was a significant problem at that time and that was one of the biggest struggles of Abraham Lincoln, as he attempted to maintain the whole nation as one union. The film describes the situation occurred in the 1860s and discloses that white privilege was a centric faith. Nevertheless, the manner in which white people are depicted in this film assumes that there are only insignificant changes in that respect. In this film, Steven Spielberg portrays Abraham Lincoln like a great master of charisma and elegant manners, a mankind with the inherent leader’s stratagem of making others wishing to gladden him. According to the plot, he speaks in an unpredictably easy and clear voice, using a specific language that in some parts reveals his humble personality and influence of his upbringing, that is nevertheless passing into the monologue of an elder person, who is fatigued by war and personal issues. This film describes President Lincoln as an individual lacked social success, but who had substantial acquaintance and intelligence of human nature. Moreover, film focuses on the last several months of Abraham Lincoln’s life, including all the important events as the passage of the 13th Amendment…

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