Analysis Of The Movie ' Lone Survivor '

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Kacie Kondrotis
Professor Eskridge
Final Essay

Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell is a nonfiction memoir told from his view of the war and what really happened during Operation Red Wings. Peter Berg directed the movie Lone Survivor based off what Luttrell wrote in his memoir. Although the movie is based on the novel, there are subtle differences between the movie both Luttrell and Berg made in the memoir and movie. These various differences not only change the view and knowledge of this event but also the audiences understanding of the real history of Operation Red Wings. When audiences watched the movie or read the memoir they believe everything is correct and accurate. But Luttrell and Berg have subtle differences between their two works. The first difference is that Luttrell nearly dies in the opening and closing of the film. The film opens with a voice over and Marcus Luttrell is airlifted back to military base. As the plane lands, Marcus Luttrell literally dies while they are trying to save him. The script of the movie shows the “Surgical pack working franticly [sic] to save Luttrell …Pushing in on the flat line. Alarm screaming. Tight on Luttrell’s eyes starting to glaze over. Dying.” In the book, Luttrell is not in mortal danger. After the Army Rangers rescue Luttrell, he writes “First [the Army Rangers] radioed into base that I had been found, that I was stable and unlikely to die.” They also, literally, stop and have tea with the locals,…
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