Analysis Of The Movie ' Madea ' Essay

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However, it took her awhile to regain faith and trust, for she was a victim of childhood sexual abuse. This theme is a continuing pattern in films by Tyler Perry. The critics say, “We find that these films offer largely negative portrayals of middle-class Blacks which ultimately reify old stereotypes of Blacks in film, even while creating new ones.” One of the main characters in his films is Madea played by Tyler Perry himself. Madea is a big, strong, old black woman who has trouble obeying the law but ultimately serves her community by giving guidance to those in distress. In an article, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Madea? It discusses the concerns of her character and how it reflects back to the stereotypical modern-day black American. Tyler Perry claims that the character Madea and his stories mirror the struggle and pain he has been through. He states, “These characters are simply tools to make people laugh, and says, “And I know for a fact that they have helped, inspired, and encouraged millions of people.” Tyler Perry’s movies are not just for laughter but carry a message as well. Some critics are against Perry’s approach to comedy, however, this article notes Nelson George who claims “Comedy and stereotypes go hand in hand.” Many believe Perry down plays the black middle class society. Todd Boyd, cited in this article says, “All of his productions demonize educated, successful African-Americans.” Similar to Boyd, George says, “There’s nothing cutting-edge about the

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