Analysis Of The Movie ' Mars '

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Tanmay Patwardhan
Ms. Reindorp
Enriched LA 7
September 17, 2016

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Cash slowly walked down the corridor. He could hardly remember anything. All he remembered was being a soldier for the United States of America and that he fought in the battle of Mars. He finally walked into a small room. Lights turned on automatically. He immediately realized that he was in an OLS Captain speed jet. He recognized it because his ship was an OLS Captain as well. But this wasn 't his ship. Russian flags fluttered through the cockpit, all the controls were written in Russian, and there was no Turbo thrust that he had specially installed for his ship. “An enemy ship”, he thought. He attempted to turn the ship on.” добро пожаловать Иван” It said. Cash knew this meant “ Welcome Ivan”. He had studied Russian when he was training to be a soldier. The ship suddenly gave a whir. The lights momentarily shut off. When they came back on Cash had complete control of the ship. He observed his surroundings in the cockpit. He recognized that he was at the Patwardhan Mission Control Center at Mars that was bombed by the Russians. He saw more ships.There were Indian OP Cardiffs, American Allerdales, and French OLS Captains. All of them seemed to be abandoned. He started to steer the ship onto the vaporized runway. It wasn 't the best but it would have to do. When he was about to take off he realized that if he found Americans and approached them in a Russian ship he would…
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