Analysis Of The Movie ' My Big Fat Greek Wedding '

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Cross-cultural communication, a big part of most families around the world, and a big aspect of how people’s lives are being lived out according to their cultural beliefs. In the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, Toula, the daughter of Gus, the owner of the restaurant called Dancing Zorbas helps run the family restaurant due to their family’s cultural beliefs. Ever since her encounter with Ian, Toula decided to break from the cultural myopia within the family. With the help of her Mother’s help, and changes in self presentation, self disclosure, cultural view, Behavioral flexibility and self perception, Toula was able to get the family to accept her marriage with Ian. Toula was an ordinary Greek woman, who lived in a Greek family, who take Greek beliefs very seriously. There is a Cultural myopia that exists within her family and is especially pungent in the minds of Gus, her father. All her life, Toula has been molded in the Greek way. Everything she did had to be Greek and she was taught to be proud in her Culture. Unlike her family, Toula and her brother Nick are the only ones who are not governed by the family’s Cultural myopia, and so are more interested in other cultures. This in turn clashes with her Father’s wishes and since this is a Greek governed family, she has to submit to her father. Who wants her to be Greek washed. This not only effected Toula’s self-esteem, it also impacted her overall perception of life and self-presentation. She struggled with accepting
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