Analysis Of The Movie ' Nightcrawler ' Essay

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In a globalized world with media pouring in from all around the world, it becomes increasingly difficult to decide what is important enough to view, and what isn’t. That job falls into the hands of news sources whose purpose is to gain as much attention as possible. Today the headlining story is the most dramatic story, not the most important. Stories beyond the scope of the United States and its interests are unlikely to garner the attention they deserve. The film Nightcrawler captures this idea best “to capture the spirit of what we air, is think of our news cast as a screaming woman running down the street with her throat cut.” -Nightcrawler (2014). This is positive feedback in its truest form reacting to the immediate and the dramatic. An intricate story with a rich background, and history spanning decades is not as likely to gain the attention it deserves and become headlining news. This is the case with the story of Juan Manuel Santos winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his continued efforts of ending the Colombian Conflict. Negative feedback continues to be seen in journalism, and can exist in any form of media whether it be a top down or bottom up model. The issue with the Santos story is not that the story gained undeserved popularity due to positive feedback it’s that the story did not receive adequate attention, because it was cast aside in favor of stories which gained popularity due to positive feedback. Bottom up models give the story attention that it deserves,

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