Analysis Of The Movie ' Nina 's Games '

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Nina Freeman is an indie developer that has been making these short little autobiographical vignettes or how she refers to them based on a true story game. Some are pretty silly and other are serious but most meet in the middle of those two but they are all honest about the topics that they are covering without sugar coating it. One of her most notable game that just went absolutely went viral last year is a game called How Do You Do It. Where you play as a young version of Nina and are mashing these dolls together to trying to figure out how sex works.
Cibele like most off Nina’s games is on a true story about herself. The idea and creation of the game started when she was in graduate school as a prototype for one of her classes. She
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Will rifling through out this virtual desktop you get this strange thrill but you kind of feel like you are sneaking into area 51 seeing classified material. However, after you have gone through everything on the desktop you get to can also go through her emails. The emails are as thrilling to read and see as the content in the folders. When you get tired of creeping through Nina’s desktop, you can start to play Valtameri a fictional stand-in for the real game. In Valtameri is where most of the narrative of the game take place mainly because this is where the relationship between Nina and Blake took place. The game has the traditional MMO inbox in the top left corner of the screen when you can read the chat messages from friends the Nina play with on Valtameri that was come from actual copies of chat log from the original game that Nina had archived many years ago. You can even reply to the messages in the inbox but you can only hit reply and the game will automatically generate the message. Shortly after you load into the game, you are meet with the narrative of Blake and Nina talking about how everyone is going to be standing out front of a story for the midnight release of the new game that is very close to Call of Duty. As Valtameri
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