Analysis Of The Movie ' North Country '

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The movie “North Country” is based on a coal-mining town in northern Minnesota. Josey Aimes leaves her abusive husband with her two children and decides to move in with her parents. Josey started with a job shampooing in a nearby hair salon, but it was not enough to support her family. Therefore, she decided to take a job at the coal mine where her father works also. Her first few days working in the mine seemed to be okay, but she then realized the women were targets of discrimination and sexual harassment. One day at the mine, Josey was attacked by one of the male employees and she then called its quits with mining. For this reason, Josey decided to take legal action, by suing the mining company for discrimination and sexual harassment. At first, Josey was alone when trying to win the case against the company. Many of the other women preferred not to testify because they were afraid they would lose their source of income or get treated even worst once they returned to the mine. Josey was very brave for standing up for what was right, she then inspired the other women to speak up by telling her story. Eventually Josey was able to win her case against the Pearson mining company with the help of the other women testimonies. Sexual harassment was a major problem for the women working in the mine. The men would write horrible slurs about the women in their locker room. Josey would always turn to her boss about the constant sexual aggression towards her. But her boss did not

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