Analysis Of The Movie ' Opened Eyes '

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Opened Eyes This story requires attention, please have full fixation on the lines below. Close your eyes and breathe in once then again…. be prepared for a lesson it is quite a mess. This is a true story that is mainly about how a neighbor of mine, in my old house changed how I viewed life. This neighbor was a middle aged man who moved in a few houses down to the right of my parent’s home. At the time, he was a tall and slim figure with slightly withered and paled skin. My siblings began to call him stalker, because whenever we were at the grocery store, mall, or library we would see him there too. They even thought it was appropriate to look up predators in the area to see if he was on the list, I generally let them know that they were going a bit overboard, but regardless of what I said they attempted to persuade me that it was alright, but I knew better. I still believed that they went too far, for the meantime let 's call the man my siblings and I referred to as ‘stalker’ Edwin during the duration of this story. The first month there was an incident with Edwin, that made me rethink the reality of humanity. The beginning of my day started around 7 am, where the weak, pale yellow sun peeked up from the horizon, but the floor outside was too cold for the straight neighborhood cats’ liking and the frost was beginning its first stages of melting off the grass and leaving the front lawns in the neighborhood with a slightly blinding shine. It was the beginning of summer break
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