Analysis Of The Movie Orange Is The New Black

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I was nervous before reading Orange is the New Black because I have never read a book where the setting is prison showcasing the bleak life of an inmate. The reason I decided to read this book is because I have never watched the TV-series that everyone is obsessed with, and I wanted to learn the true story behind the famous show before I decided to watch or not watch the series. The show based on a book is written by an actual convict, about her actual time in prison. Piper Kerman is a drug smuggler who was caught trying to smuggle heroine into the United States from Belgium, is an actual real person, who wrote a book about her actual real life. Piper Kerman was a heroine smuggler, 10 years clean prior to her conviction. She pled guilty, and that she deserved to be in jail but being engaged made it extremely tough process overall. However, with the support of friends, family, and her fiancé, she managed to survive the tremulous process of being incarcerated. In the book, we see several moments where Piper describes people who truly do not deserve to be in prison, unlike here mistake. Piper comes to a realization that prison life is generalized, that woman follow in their families footsteps. She begins to realize that there are many circumstances that force multiple generations into following the same footsteps into the life of crime. In the book, we see many people who failed to conform to societal norms leading to their imprisonment. I found it particularly odd when the
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