Analysis Of The Movie ' Pancho Villa '

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Isaac Cigarroa
History 1302
Mr. McGregor
Oct. 2, 2014
Pancho Villa It’s been more than a century since the revolution in Mexico because of the president. Many people in Mexico in the nineteen hundreds, were suffering of poverty and were starving, because of the lack of jobs in the cities. Porfidio Diaz was the president at the time, and there were many rebels against him. But through the revolution, there were many battles that ended the lives of thousands of Mexicans just for the land. But, for a revolution to happen, there has to be leaders, the leader that led the Mexican revolutionists was Doroteo Arrange, also known as “Pancho Villa”. He was known for the Robin Hood for Mexico, would steal from the rich and give to the poor. He didn’t choose the life of a criminal; his destiny was to fight for justice in his country. Although Pancho Villa was a run away criminal, he was an important role in leading the revolution for the rebels. During the time that Porfidio Diaz was in power, he had many goals but accomplished few. He was the president with the most years in power. His ruling of thirty-five years set the record for the Mexican president. His first years as president were going well, new jobs were acquired, and many factories were opened. But in the “first years of the twentieth century, the economy went into a recession and miners went on strike,” and people started to realize that the promises Diaz made were lies and started to regret having him in office.

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