Analysis Of The Movie ' Pawtucket '

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One of the most known place in Pawtucket is McCoy Stadium, a place where people come together and share a similar interest, baseball. There 's just something about looking at the balls fly that keeps you coming back. After their immense game, the McCoy stadium throws a light show, people from everywhere come to see those sparks fly. While you are inside, you are surrounded by all different smells, for example, food heating up at the concession stands. Things you hear from a ball hitting a bat with a threatening force, to the fans around you hollering out in excitement for their team truly make up the scenery of McCoy stadium. McCoy, opened in 1942, has a seating chart that is color coded. The highest and farthest seats from the field are…show more content…
Going further, you will go over a few small hills that might be hard for little kids to overcome. Later you will come across a short white tunnel and over it is a now unused train track. There is a way to go up there, and you have to go into the bushes on your right and then there should be a small hill or in other words, a small inclination, this will then lead you to the train tracks, I’ve been up there, yet, I wouldn 't know where these lead to in either direction for I’ve never gone far enough for me to say that I know definitely where it goes.

Aside from the bike path, you can go back to where I said that the entrance to the path was, from there you go in the other direction and you will see that it is close to the road and seems to stay with it longer. Where it starts to merge off the main road you can stay on the road and you will see a nice clearing on your right side while on your left is a picnic area full of trees of all sizes, on nights that the wind blows, you can see how the trees move from the way the wind tickles its branches. And if you keep looking ahead, you will see a pond or lake without a plethora of little fishes and sometimes you can see swans there too. Although there is a surplus of duckweed, there aren’t a great deal of ducks. There is a ride where you can get into a human powered boat that you pedal in to move across the water, they are in the shape of a swan and a green dragon. Around there is

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