Analysis Of The Movie Pearl Harbor

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The movie Pearl Harbor takes place from the early 1920s through the early 1940s to the late 1940s. The movie was made and released into the theaters on May 25th 2001. The movie was created at the time that many Hollywood Blockbusters had released, the movie Titanic and Saving Private Ryan, two very successful historical movies. War movies have generally 2 purposes when released: To make a profit and, likening back to war propaganda films, to sell patriotism, some movies going all the way to propaganda. War movies, in this case American war movies, are designed to make Americans feel good, to feel a sense of pride in the nation. The movies themselves honor servicemembers past and present. This comes at a time after the Gulf War and just before the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that will shape the next decade in American Foreign Policy and war films. Pearl Harbor tells the story of two friends Danny and Rafe, Army pilots caught in a love triangle with a Navy Nurse named Evelyn. They meet her when getting examinations done and soon after Rafe volunteers to be a RAF pilot to fight in Britain. He fights but is eventually shot down and assumed dead. Meanwhile, Danny and Evelyn get together. This all happens while the Japanese plan to bomb Pearl Harbor. Rafe ends up being alive, arriving back at Pearl Harbor a day before the attack. The next morning, the attack begins with battleships and planes being bombed and buildings being strafed. Rafe and Danny take off and try to repel

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