Analysis Of The Movie ' Perfect Blue '

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Perfect Blue is an ultimate example of the “animation for grown-ups”, or anime rated R. In conveys numerous topics and symbols. Through critical perception and national symbols, it exploits the issues of feminity, independence, over-consumerism, appearance preoccupation, personality disorders, etc. The visual of the chase sequence deals with three levels of symbols explored below: a) “evil twin” symbolic meaning; b) personality disorder visuality; c) allusions to thriller representation. The analysis aims at defining the traditional Asian symbols particular to anime expressive features along with media borrowings from Hollywood thrillers’ legacy. Firstly, the sequence represents the chase of the J-pop turned movie star Mima by her crazed fan-turn-manager Rumi dressed in Mima’s outfit. The scene 's tension is emphasized through rapid camera shifts, flashy movements and strange manner of Rumi 's walk. The scene starts when Mima finds out that her manager has been her stalker and now is plotting to kill her. Rumi emerges from behind the curtain wearing Mima’s outfit despite her disgusting look in the much smaller dress. Rumi aims at becoming Mima’s twin wearing her outfit despite the crucial difference between her appearance and parameters. Jekyll and Hyde’s concept is fulfilled through the traditional allusion to “evil twin”, particular to the spiritual world of Asia. As every person conveys good as bad, similarly Mima and Rumi becomes contrasts in the scene. Rumi claims she

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