Analysis Of The Movie ' Persepolis '

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Perceptions change throughout decades, even the same events though don’t create the same perceptions. Everyone has their own perceptions and views on issues or events. Alyssa’s experiences differ heavily, from many of the authors which we have read in human experience this semester. She is just one example of comparing one journey to many others. Alyssa’s experiences are similar in certain aspects of her life. One of the books we read, one of the characters was a single child. Alyssa is a single child, who grew up with the same type of attention Marjane Starapi received in Persepolis. Even though Marjane had close relations with many people in Persepolis, such as her uncle, the main similarity between this text and…show more content…
Alyssa relates to this because of her love for expanding her knowledge and finding new concepts. This also relates to another book Ignorance, which relates to the curiosity which carries on even after a discovery. Ignorance is something which I think is something that relates to Alyssa, because of her curiosity in science. I think this book shows how scientists stay happy in their field, by not searching for answers, but continually asking questions. Alyssa 's love for science is reflected in her curiosity, as being her roommate and throughout the interview, she showed a love for science. Her ideals were all centered around her perseverance of being more curious. All of these texts somewhat relate to Alyssa’s life, but one text which is completely contrasting is the play The Best of Everything. I think this play is very different to me and my fellow colleague’s because sexism is rare to see day to day in our environment. Even if this isn’t rare to see on a day to day basis, we rarely experience sexist remarks to women. Nor does our generation work in such a class based society, which diversifies jobs based their gender. Our society encourages jobs to be the goal and to have a fulfilling career, which can provide for the rest of someone’s life. As I have briefly said before this can help us understand different views, by understanding people’s perceptions. So if we are exposed to this society which is based on dividing classes between

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