Analysis Of The Movie ' Phoenix Jackson '

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When using symbolism, objects or even people can be used to represent your answer or explanation. For example, Uncle Sam (U.S) was a symbol for the United States when they were going to war, and they put up the famous poster of Uncle Sam pointing his finger at you with the slogan on the bottom of the poster that says “I want you!” Food can also be used as a symbol. For example, fried chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers are foods commonly consumed in America, while in other countries, they probably haven’t even heard about hamburgers, because we are all accustomed to what we eat. In the beginning of the short story, Phoenix Jackson is introduced as an elderly woman making her way in the woods talking to herself and saying no one is going to stop her from making her journey. First, she gets stuck in a thorn bush, but gets out of it. Then she has to cross a creek on a log, but because of her age, something bad could happen, so she closed her eyes and crossed. She sat near a tree to rest, and began to daydream of a little boy giving her a slice of marble cake, which she gladly accepts, but when she tried to take it, she was just waving her hand in the air. She sees a Scarecrow, who she mistakenly takes it as a man, and then a ghost, and starts to dance with it. She keeps walking, when a black dog came at her a little and knocked her over, and fell into a ditch. A white man sees her and helps her up, but when phoenix sees a

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