Analysis Of The Movie Planes

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I would give Texas Roadhouse, my favorite restaurant, a five star rating. The restaurant does an amazing job of keeping the theme, when dining with them. The servers always have a smile on their faces and get your orders out to you as quickly as possible. I don’t believe I have ever had an empty glass, while I was seated. I love this restaurant, because of the atmosphere and the exquisite food. The atmosphere gives off the exact impression that it should. The steak cuts like butter and tastes amazing. The sides are full of flavor and definitely help to bring the dish together. I will definitely be back.

I would give the movie Planes, by Disney, a two star rating. The movie did nothing but completely rip off Cars. I love Cars, it was a great movie, but Planes is just trying to make something similar, because Cars was such a hit. It is best to just leave good enough alone. The movie did not do as well, because it was not as good. The storyline was just too boring, compared to Cars. If you are going to do something that pales that much in comparison, it should at least be as good as the one before it.

These reviews are the same, because they both are written from the same person’s perspective. They are both given a rating out of five stars and have explanations for it. The argument is completely biased for both. The main components for the first review are the rating, the experience, and the personal bias about the experience. This is the same for the second review. Every
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