Analysis Of The Movie ' Prayer For Bobby '

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Homosexuality back in the 1980s was looked as deviant to the majority of society and still today there are some individuals who believe it is a perversion and an abomination. The movie, Prayer for Bobby, recaps on how the power of ones society 's beliefs had an influence on families, especially how it influenced Bobby Griffith 's family. I will discuss the three most important topics in the movie, describe how society has contributed to those issues, and discuss what can be done to alleviate or eliminate those issues. The first important topic of the movie, Prayer for Bobby, is the intolerance of Bobby 's mother, Mary Griffith, toward homosexuality. Mary Griffith, a devoted Christian, did not want to accept or believe her son was gay. She confided in her religion and believed God would "cure" him. No matter how hard Bobby tried to inform her, being gay was not a choice, she was still intolerant and did not believe him because of what she was taught from her religion and society. The second topic is the power the majority had over the minority. Bobby 's homosexuality was not accepted into his family and his society. His mom, a heterosexual like the rest of his family members and the majority of society, tried to help him by taking him to a therapist who informed Mary Griffith, he can be cured. Mary Griffith proceeded with following the therapist 's orders by telling Bobby how he should live his life. This included his mother setting him up on dates with females, having

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