Analysis Of The Movie ' Prince Of Egypt '

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The movie, Prince of Egypt, is the animated retelling of the Book of Exodus. The movie display Moses’ struggles that ultimately lead him to discover his true identity and true purpose. Since the movie is a retelling of a Biblical story, it shared both similarities and differences in comparison to the Bible. In the beginning of the movie, the Pharaoh commanded all male Hebrew children be drowned in the River Nile, but Moses’ mother saved him by placing him in a basket and sending him down the river. However, Moses in placed in the reeds at the riverbank in the Scriptures. In the movie, Moses is found by the Pharaoh’s wife, while the daughter of the Pharaoh discovers him in Scriptures. It is with this event that causes Moses and Rameses to be brothers. Amidst all that is going on, it is amazing that God controlled the events in order to fulfill his purpose. Half of the movie is centered on the rivalry of Moses and Rameses, who were both set up with the false presumption that they were truly brothers. From the start, Moses and Rameses have been very competitive and it is at one point in the movie where Rameses says, “You always will have to look up to me, Moses.” Rameses, unknown to Moses’ true identity, will experience his brother coming back to Egypt in order to deliver Israel from him. The competition between the brothers gave character depth and dimension to the film. Rameses, as the oldest, was more ridged, focused on pleasing his father and ultimately replacing pharaoh

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