Analysis Of The Movie ' Princess And The Frog '

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The Disney Franchise produced their first African- American princess back in 2009 depicting the classic fairytale story of “Princess and The Frog”. During the animation, Tiana is an independent, multifaceted woman who is goal oriented causing her to be faced with problems throughout. However, because the film contained the first African-American princess which shed light on many cultural details surely there are going to be problems associated with various subjects throughout the movie. In the past, Disney films would focus more about true love rather than a girl achieving her dreams of having her very own restaurant. Having the main character achieve her goals in the film while Disney still adds romance throughout her adventure making…show more content…
“Therefore, some critical questions for children of color in the context of the role fairy tales may play in the identity formation of children would be: How am I represented in the images in the tales? What do these fairy tales tell me about me and about others? If I am not in the picture at all, what does this mean?” (Hurley, 228). Over many years, Disney princesses have developed into something that little girls admire. With this, Disney only producing one race is quite limiting to say the least. “As a globally dominant producer of cultural constructs related to gender, race, ethnicity, class and sexuality, Disney reigns supreme, and part of that supreme reign is an unquestionable privileging of patriarchy and whiteness” (Lester 294). However, recent Disney films similar to Princess and the Frog have impacted this generation by breaking past racial barriers and influencing the upcoming children. Creating characters like Tiana give young children of all races a heroine princess from a Disney film that inspires and act as a role model in many ways. By Disney broadening their princess standards: opening up the franchise to produce lead characters of various races, have altered the viewers perspective. This has lead to portray women of all ethnicities that children will look up and accomplish their goals. The Disney animation team had humongous job on their hands to create the first
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