Analysis Of The Movie ' Rebel Patois '

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In my early childhood while I was in India, my family indulged exceedingly. We would hold family councils whenever we needed to say in necessary subjects that needed discussion. We played games and had lessons like "being kind to your family.’’ Typically we heard stories from daddy, or pay an hour or two consuming ice cream while enjoying it at the park, spending time together.
I am the youngest son in a family of 2 children, so when we had weekly "get-togethers" some went seldom meanwhile others turned debacle. These fiascoes varied from kicking at each other as mom Moreover was teaching us how to respect each other as brother and sister or when I would have a hair propulsion fight with her. It absolutely was for one among these activities that my dad brought home a movie entitled Rebel Patois. The story was straightforward, except for a black ten-year-old girl who had long, stringy, brown hair, massive brown eyes, a patterned face, it absolutely was a story full of magic and hope.
The movie was about a boy named Mohan. Mohan was, quite candidly, the ugliest man on the island. Mohan spent all his time concealing within the woods, thus nobody might see him and make a fun of him. One day, the foremost handsome young man within the space, Rebel Patois, came to the island and selected Mohan for his partner. He gave his father eight cows as a present in exchange for Mohan. Nobody had ever given quite four cows as a present for the wedding. This was an excellent demonstration of

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