Analysis Of The Movie ' Remember The Titans '

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Question 1: Personal power is when one impacts another person or group of people through their actions and behaviour. This is depicted in Coach Herman Boone as he uses his power as coach to teach the ‘white team’ and ‘coloured team’ to work together to create the perfect team. It is also seen when Louie Lastik sat with the people with coloured skin at lunch instead of with the people with ‘white skin’. Social power is when a group of people have are more dominant or have a higher status from something. In the movie Remember the titans, the people with white skin have more social power at the beginning as they are considered better than people with coloured skin. Institutional power is when individuals have more power than others from their experience and knowledge. Institutional power is portrayed through the two coaches (Boone and Yoast) as they have more power than the students since they have studied and finished. Question 2: Belonging is the ability to feel wanted and included in a group, team or with other people. It is imperative that the younger generation understand the concept of belonging as it will help them find themselves as they grow. Personally, I had difficulty finding friends that I felt comfortable with in primary school. However, after entering high school and finding an amazing group of people who accept and understand me, both my emotional and mental well-being has improved greatly. Belonging is a vital component to have to ensure a positive well-being.
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