Analysis Of The Movie ' Remember The Titans ' Essay

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Lyndon S. Acosta
Dominique Dieffenbach
English Composition I
22 Nov 2016
Long Lasting Friendship Every individual is expected to behave appropriately and collaborate with other people with respect. It does not matter what country someone came from, nor what race he or she might be. No one is born who is already a racist. Family background and social environment where someone grew up are the biggest factors that influence people’s attitude and behavior, and on how they deal with a situation and make the best decision that they could. These factors also affect how someone can deal and create a harmony and relationship with others despite of racial and demographic differences. In the film Remember the Titans, directed by Boaz Yakin, it illustrates the unity and teamwork of a football team regardless of every player’s race. When differences are set aside and people will work together, everything will work out as planned. This motion picture tells the story of Coach Herman Boone, played by Denzel Washington, his colleague Coach Bill Yoast, played by Will Patton, the team’s defensive end player Julius Campbell, played by Wood Harris, the linebacker Gerry Bertier, played by Ryan Hurst, and the quarterback player Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass, played by Kip Pardue. Within the story, the theme of football team players disregard their individual differences to achieve their team’s goal symbolizes that racism and discrimination do not hinder any success in life, and a good camaraderie and
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